Feb 21, 2012

Dear Hubby...

4 hours of daily commute and 9 hours of office work, 6 days a week, will surely leave anybody exhausted. Every evening I brave the rush hour traffic, thankful that another long day is done. Ahh.. can't wait to see my fur babies waiting by the gate in anticipation of my arrival.

As I got down the car, all the troubles of the day slowly vanished from my weary heart. Home, sweet home. Finally.

Then you came storming out of the front door, a small piece of carpet in your hand. I could literally see smoke coming out of your ears. My heart suddenly sank. You started shouting about the CAT not to be allowed inside the house again, ever! That's when I realized the poor darling had accidentally "pooped" in the living room for the second time in 6 months...not bad I thought. But you were so furious. I knew you wouldn't listen to reason, so I just kept quiet. With heart broken for my beautiful kitty, I knew I had no choice but to leave her outside from then on, or we will both be in trouble of being kicked out of the house someday soon.

The moment I entered the privacy of the bathroom, warm tears started trickling down my face. Talk about "warm welcome" from the better half!!! You definitely gave me an explosive greeting. I guess it's just one of those days...

Seriously, can't you do anything better than that?

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